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Post Vanity Plates!

plateshow: If you’ve ever seen a vanity plate, take a few seconds and post a comment on the Facebook Plate Show page. What, you’ve never seen a vanity plate? Well, go to Plate Show on Facebook and take a look… then post a comment! 🙂

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day

I just discovered that an Urban Dictionary definition I wrote was chosen as their “Urban Word of the Day” back in February. It’s something I wrote a few years ago, as I fondly reminisced my days of rolling deep in a ‘86 Fiero GT, which was often “feeling” the...

Auto Insurance Enters the ‘Pay-per-View’ Era

Auto Insurance Enters the ‘Pay-per-View’ EraAuto insurers are accelerating efforts to use information about how you drive to set your rates.WSJ emergentfutures: A warning to motorists who take speed limits as suggestions, screech around tight turns or...